Life Changes

Ropeadope Records, 2019

Tim Ries' brand new album is out!

Featuring: Jack DeJohnette, Bill Frisell, Larry Goldings, Grégoire Maret, James Genus, and Scott Colley.

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Tim Ries Quintet, Vol. 2: Live at Smalls

Recorded November 25th & 26th, 2014, live at Smalls Jazz Club, Greenwich Village, NYC.

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Recorded on December 3rd & 4th, 2010 live at Smalls Jazz Club, Greenwich Village, NYC.

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Alternate Side

Criss Cross Jazz, 2001

Tim Ries (tenor & soprano saxophone) 

Greg Gisbert (trumpet & flugelhorn)

Michael Davis (trombone)

Ben Monder (guitar) 

Stacey Shames (harp)

Larry Goldings (piano & organ)

John Patitucci (bass)

Billy Drummond (bass)

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Universal Spirits

Criss Cross Jazz, 1998

Tim Ries (tenor & soprano saxophones) 

Scott Wendholt (trumpet)

Ben Monder (guitar)

Scott Colley (bass)

Billy Drummond (drums)

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Imaginary Time

Moo Records, 1994

Tim Ries (soprano & tenor saxophones) 

Randy Brecker (trumpet)

Scott Wendholt (trumpet)

Charles Gordon (trombone)

Ben Monder (guitar)

Franck Amsallem (piano)

Scott Colley (bass)

Joey Baron (drums)

Billy Hart (drums)


Climate Change

Béla Szakcsi Lakatos, Tim Ries, Robert Hurst, & Rudy Royston

Jam Session, Vol. 27

Tim Ries, Danny Walsh & Charles Pillow

Steeplechase, 2008

Recorded in 1999

Also featuring Andy LaVerne, David Finck, and Jaz Sawyer.

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Is That So?

Franck Amsallem & Tim Ries

Sunnyside Records, 1996

Recorded 1990

"...this series of mostly cerebral, abstract duets (occasionally augmented by Leon Parker's drums) shows the lyrical and emotional similarity between pianist Amsallem and saxophonist and flutist Ries....Both players are excellent technicians, structured improvisers and have big ears for what is being played by the other..."

"...sterling interplay, pristine sonics and joyous creation. This hour long DDD platter spotlights the engaging melodicism and venturesome romps of pianist Amsallem and reedman Ries. The resoundly subtle percussion of Leon Parker enhances selected numbers.
Gene Kalbacher / CMJ Report

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