Tim Ries - Live At Smalls

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Tim Ries
Stones World, The Rolling Stones Project II
Sunnyside Records, 2008
2-disc Set

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Personnel: Tim Ries: alto, tenor and soprano saxophones, piano; Charlie Watts: drums; Keith Richards: guitar; Mick Jagger: harmonica; Ronnie Wood: guitar, lap steel; Adam Rogers: guitar; African Tuareg group Tidawt: Hasso Akotey: vocals, guitar; Alhassane Foungounou: percussion; Ana Moura: vocals; Antonio Suarez: cajon; Austin Peralta: Fender Rhodes; Badal Roy: tablas; Ben Monder: guitar Bernard Fowler: vocals; Bill Frisell: guitar; Brad Dutz: percussion; Brian Lynch: trumpet; Chuck Leavell: piano; Clarence Penn: drums; Conrad Herwig: trombine; Custodio Castelo: Portuguese guitar; Dave Carpenter: bass; Eddie Palmieri: piano; Fatima El Shibli: vocals (Arabic, German, French); Fe: rapper (English); Felix Bloxum: percussion; Franck Amsallem: piano; Frederick Favarell: guitar; Gastao Villeroy: bass; Gonzalo Grau: piano-cajon, palmas; Gary Versace: accordion; Gregory Hutchinson: drums; Herman Olivera: vocals; Jack DeJohnette: drums; James Genus: bass; Jasia Ries: vocals; Jay Anderson: bass; John Patitucci: bass; Jordi Bonell: electric guitar; Jorge Fernando: acoustic guitar; Jose M. Bandera: flamenco guitar; Jose Serrano: palmas; Kazumi Watanabe: guitar; Kenji Hino: bass; Kiko Continentino: piano; Kiyohiko Semba: percussion; Larry Goldings: organ; Lincoln Cheib: drums; Lisa Fischer: vocals; Little Johnny Rivero: bongo, bells; Lynne Richburg: viola; Magos Herrera: vocals; Marc Miralta: percusion; Marco Lobo: percussion; Marina Machado: vocals; Mario Montoya: flamenco guitar; Michael Davis: trombone; Miguel de la Tolea; Mike Holober: piano; Milton Nascimento: lead vocals, vocals; Minako Yoshida: vocals ; Odeya Nini: vocals; Oumara Almoctar:vocals, guitar; Pedro Martinez: congas; Robby Ameen: drums ; Ruben Rodriguez: bass; Sara Baras: flamenco dancer ; Saul Quiros: (1st flamenco vocalist); Stacey Shames: harp; Tal Bergman: drums; Terumasa Hino: trumpet; Thomas Bramerie: bass; Will Lopes: electric guitar, 10 string guitar.

Tim Ries
The Rolling Stones Project
Concord Records, 2005
Sony Japan, 2005

featuring an all-star lineup including: Keith Richards, Charlie Watts Ron Wood, Norah Jones, Sheryl Crow, Bill Frisell, John Scofield, Lisa Fischer, Bernard Fowler, Darryl Jones, Michael Davis, Larry Goldings, John Patitucci, Brian Blade, Luciana Souza, Bill Charlap, Ben Monder, Clarence Penn, Stacey Shames, Kent Smith, Edward Simon, Jeff Ballard, Tony Scherr, Roberto DiGioia, & Mauro Refusco.

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The Rolling Stones
Four Flicks DVD


DVD Features:
- Three concerts from the 2002/03 "Licks" tour--over 50 songs with exclusive recordings.
- Two documentaries: "Tip of the Tounge" & "Licks Around the World"
- Band commentary
- Bonus tracks

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Tim Ries
Alternate Side

Criss Cross, 2001

Tim Ries (tenor & soprano saxophone), Greg Gisbert (trumpet & flugelhorn), Michael Davis (trombone), Ben Monder (guitar), Stacey Shames (harp), Larry Goldings (piano & organ), John Patitucci (bass), Billy Drummond (bass)

52nd Street review

Universal SpiritsTim Ries
Universal Spirits

Criss Cross, 1998

Personnel: Tim Ries (tenor & soprano saxophones); Scott Wendholt (trumpet); Ben Monder (guitar); Scott Colley (bass); Billy Drummond (drums).

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Imaginary TimeTim Ries
Imaginary Time

Moo Records, 1994 (recorded 1993)

Personnel: Tim Ries (soprano & tenor saxophones), Randy Brecker (trumpet), Scott Wendholt (trumpet), Charles Gordon (trombone), Ben Monder (guitar), Franck Amsallem (piano), Scott Colley (bass), Joey Baron (drums), Billy Hart (drums).

Is That So?Frank Amsallem/TimRies
Is That So?

SunnySide Records, 1996 (recorded 1990)

Real Audio Samples:
And Keep This Place In Mind for a Better One is Hard to Find | Dee | Now I Remember

MP3 Audio Samples
 And Keep This Place In Mind for a Better One is Hard to Find | Dee | Now I Remember

Personnel includes: Franck Amsallem (piano); Tim Ries (soprano & tenor saxophones, flute); Leon Parker (percussion).

"...this series of mostly cerebral, abstract duets (occasionally augmented by Leon Parker's drums) shows the lyrical and emotional similarity between pianist Amsallem and saxophonist and flutist Ries....Both players are excellent technicians, structured improvisers and have big ears for what is being played by the other..."

"...sterling interplay, pristine sonics and joyous creation. This hour long DDD platter spotlights the engaging melodicism and venturesome romps of pianist Amsallem and reedman Ries. The resoundly subtle percussion of Leon Parker enhances selected numbers.
Gene Kalbacher / CMJ Report

RegardsFrank Amsallem/Tim Ries

Freelance Recordings, 1993

Personnel: Tim Ries (tenor & soprano saxophones), Franck Amsallem (piano), Scott Colley (bass), Bill Stewart (drums).

Joe Henderson
Big Band

Verve, 1996

Winner of the 1998 Grammy Award for Best Large Jazz Ensemble Performance.

Personnel includes: Joe Henderson (arranger, tenor saxophone); Slide Hampton, Don Sickler, Bob Belden (conductor); Dick Oatts (soprano & alto saxophones); Steve Wilson, Pete Yellin (alto saxophone); Tim Ries, Craig Handy (tenor saxophone); Gary Smulyan, Joe Temperley (baritone saxophone); Jon Faddis, Freddie Hubbard, Nicholas Payton, Lew Soloff, Michael Philip Mossman, Ray Vega, Idrees Sulieman (trumpet); Robin Eubanks, Conrad Herwig, Jimmy Knepper (trombone); Dave Taylor (bass trombone); Chick Corea, Ronnie Mathews (piano); Christian McBride (bass); Joe Chambers, Al Foster, Lewis Nash (drums). 

realsttime.jpg (15710 bytes)PRISM Quartet
Real Standard Time

innova Recordings #515, 2000

Featuring compositions by Tim Ries & Matt Levy

PRISM Quartet: Tim Ries, soprano saxophone; Michael Whitcombe, alto saxophone; Matt Levy, tenor saxophone; Taimur Sullivan, baritone saxophone

Ben Monder (guitar), Bob Ward (guitar), Larry Goldings (organ), Franck Amsallem (piano), Tony Scherr (bass), Johannes Weidenmuller (bass), John Riley (drums), Eric Halverson (drums), Matt Wilson (drums).

Real Audio Samples:
Three | Your Gentle Heart | St. Michel | Planet X (from Real Standard Time) | Irregular Regularity | Hart's Beat | Blues for Mae | Her August Touch

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Steven Kroon
Senor Kroon

Azica, 2002

with Oscar Hernandez, Ron Carter, Vince Cherico, Ruben Rodriguez, Mauricio Smith, Lewis Nash, Houston Person, Ron Blake, Dom Salvador, Steve Nelson and Tim Ries

Maria Schneider Jazz Orchestra

Enja, 2000

David Liebman Big Band
Beyond the Line

OmniTone, 2003

Michael Davis
Sidewalk Cafe

Hip-Bone Music, 1989

Jeff Mironov (guitar), Tim Ries Sax (Soprano, flute), Joel Rosenblatt (Drums), Shari Feder (Keyboards), Wayne Pedzwater (Bass), Joe Bonadio (Drums), Michael Davis (Trombone), Phil Markowitz (Piano), Bob Mintzer (Tenor sax)

Bob Belden
Music of Sting

Capitol, 1991

Franck Amsallem
On Second Thought

Naïve 2001

Franck Amsallem (p), Tim Ries (as, ss), Johannes Weidenmuller (b), Marc Miralta (d).

James Naughton
It's About Time

DRG, 2002
Maynard Ferguson
Live from San Francisco

Rhino Records 1983 (rerelease 1994)
Bob Belden
Prince Jazz

Toshiba EMI
Joe Roccisano
The Shape I'm In

Landmark, 1994

Years Gone ByFranck Amsallem
Years Gone By

A Records, 1999

Personnel: Franck Amsallem (piano); Tim Ries (soprano & tenor saxophones); Riccardo Del Fra (bass); Daniel Humair (drums).
Recorded at Studio de la Grande Armee, Paris, France.

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Badal Roy/Ken Wessel/ Stomu Takeishi

Igmod Records, 1998

Full performer name: Badal Roy/Ken Wessel/Stomu Takeishi. Personnel: Badal Roy (tablas, percussion); Ken Wessel (guitar); Stomu Takeishi (acoustic & electric basses). Additional personnel: Tim Ries (tenor & soprano saxophones, flute); Tarun Bhattacharya (santur); Bikram Ghosh (tabla); Satoshi Takeishi (taiko drums, percussion).

Rodney Jones
The Undiscovered Few

Blue Note, 1999

Personnel: Rodney Jones (guitar); Greg Osby, Morris Goldberg (alto saxophone); Donald Harrison, Tim Ries (tenor saxophone); Tim Hagans, Earl Gardner (trumpet); Charles Gordon (trombone); Regina Carter (violin); Jesse Levy (cello); Mark Sherman (vibraphone); Shedrick Mitchell, Mike Renzi, Mulgrew Miller (piano); Lonnie Plaxico, Benjamin Brown (bass); Lewis Nash, Eric Harland (drums); Robert Allende (percussion).

 Joey Calderazzo

AudioQuest Music - AQ1036, 1995

Personnel: Joey Calderazzo (piano); James Genus (bass); Clarence Penn (drums); Tim Ries  (soprano saxophone, flute); Tim Hagans (trumpet, flugelhorn); John Clark ( french horn) Earl McIntyre (bass trombone, tuba); Charlie Pillow (tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, english horn); Fareed Haque (guitar); Tomas Ulrich (cello)

Coming OutMaria Schneider Jazz Orchestra
Coming About
Enja Records, 1995

Maria Schneider comp,arr,cond.

Saxes & Woodwinds:
Mark Vinci, Tim Ries, Rick Margitza, Rich Perry, Charles Pillow, Scott Robinson
Trumpets: Tony Kadleck, Greg Gisbert, Tim Hagans, Laurie Frink
Trombones: Keith O'Quinn, Larry Farrell, Rock Ciccarone, George Flynn
Rhythm: Ben Monder (gtr), Tony Scherr (bass, elec. bass), Tim Horner (drums), Frank Kimbrough (piano)

Takashi Kako
Norwegian Wood

Epic Sony 1994
Barney Mcall


Frank Kimbrough/Joe Locke
The Willow

OmniTone, 2001

Frank Kimbrough (piano), Joe Locke (vibraphone, marimba), Tim Ries (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, alto flute, bass clarinet), Jeff Ballard (percussion)

Jeff Golub
Out Of The Blue

Atlantic, 1999

Personnel: Jeff Golub (guitar); Vaneese Thomas, James "D-Train" Williams (vocals); Dave Woodford (saxophone, flute); Kirk Whalum, Tim Ries (saxophone); Rick Braun, Jim Hynes (trumpet, flugelhorn); Michael Davis (trombone); Jim Biggins (flute); Jeff Levine, Leon Pendarvis, Ricky Peterson (Hammond B-3 organ); Kenny White (Wurlitzer piano); Philippe Saisse (keyboards, percussion); Marc Antoine (nylon string guitar); Lincoln Goines (acoustic bass); Tony Levin (bass, Chapman stick); Neil Jason (bass); Steve Ferrone, Steve Barbuto, Shawn Pelton (drums); Richie Flores, Roger Squitero (percussion).

Roseanna Vitro
Passion Dance

Telarc, 1996

Personnel includes: Roseanna Vitro (vocals); Kenny Werner (arranger, piano); Kevin Mahogany (vocals); Tim Hagans (trumpet); Gary Bartz, Tim Ries (reeds); Vic Juris, Romero Lubambo (guitar); Christian McBride (bass); Elvin Jones (drums).

Joe Roccisano NonetJoe Roccisano

Double-Time Records, 1998 (recorded 1997)

Personnel: Joe Roccisano (alto saxophone);
Tim Ries (tenor saxophone); Jack Stuckey
(baritone saxophone); Bob Millikan, Greg
Gisbert (trumpet); Conrad Herwig (trombone); Bill Charlap (piano); Doug Weiss (bass); Terry Clarke (drums).

This is Joe Roccisano's last recorded work.

NONET is an Enhanced audio CD which contains regular audio tracks and multimedia computer files.

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GroovologyEd Hamilton

Shanachie Records, 1998

Personnel: Ed Hamilton (guitar, keyboards,
bass, programming); Tim Ries (saxophone);
Dave Falciani (piano).

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The Court JesterGreg Gisbert
The Court Jester

Criss Cross Records, 1999 (Recorded in 1996)

Personnel: Greg Gisbert (trumpet, flugelhorn); Tim Ries (soprano & tenor saxophones, flute); Jon Gordon (soprano & alto saxophones);  Conrad Herwig (trombone); Janice Friedman (piano); Jay Anderson (bass); Gregory Hutchinson (drums).

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The Green GatePhil DeGreg
The Green Gate

J Curve Records, 1999 Personnel includes: Phil DeGreg, Fred Hersch, Lynne Arriale (piano); Tim Ries (saxophone); Drew Gress (bass); Steve Davis (drums).

Slow CommotionChris Dahlgren
Slow Commotion

Koch Jazz, 1996 (Recored in 1994)

Personnel: Chris Dahlgren (bass); Tim Ries
(soprano & tenor saxophones); Ben Monder
(guitar); Kenny Wollesen (drums)

Jazz Times (8/97) - "...The outstanding Tim Ries' expansive and searing tenor projects into disturbing areas of the cultural psyche, and Ben Monder deftly pushes well into metallic surfaces....Dhalgren offers a Kaleidoscope here..."

Jeff Williams Quintet

Cathexis Records,1999 (recorded 1995)

Personnel: Jeff Williams (drums); Tim Ries (soprano, alto & tenor saxophones); Patrick Zimmerli (tenor saxophone); Kevin Hays
(piano); Doug Weiss (bass).

EvenescenceMaria Schneider Jazz Orchestra

Enja Records, 1992

Maria Schneider comp,arr,cond.
Saxes & Woodwinds: Mark Vinci, Tim Ries, Rick Margitza, Rich Perry,  Scott Robinson
Trumpets: Tony Kadleck, Greg Gisbert, Tim Hagans, Laurie Frink
Trombones: John Fedchock, Keith O'Quinn, Larry Farrell,  George Flynn
Rhythm: Ben Monder (gtr), Jay Anderson (bass, elec. bass), Dennis Mackrel (drums),Kenny Werner  (piano), Bill Hayes (flexatone), Emedin Rivera (perc.)

CAPITAL TIMES: The debut recording of the year.

drcd.gif (12802 bytes)DRCD
Music by Princeton Composers

Russo/Argo/Russo by David Sanford

J.K. Randall, Eliot Handelman - gas bags
Tim Ries - alto saxophone
Adam Kolker - tenor saxophone
Mark Lambert - electric guitar
Jim Bergman - electric bass
Thomas Kolar - percussion
Paul Carroll - drums
Steven Mackey - conductor

johnson.gif (10748 bytes)LaMont Johnson
242 E. 3rd

LaMont Johnson (piano), Howard Johnson (tuba), Jimmy Green (tenor saxophone), Don Sickler (trumpet), Lonnie Plaxico (bass), Marcus Baylor (drums), Tim Ries (alto flute), Danny Sadownick (congas).

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herskowitz.jpg (14012 bytes)Matt Herskowitz Trio

Ethereal ER-117

Personnel: Matt Herskowitz (piano), Rich Syracuse (bass), David Rozenblatt (drums), Atsundo Aikawa (bass), Grisha Alexiev (drums), Tim Welvaars (harmonica), Tim Ries (soprano saxophone).

Scott Wendholt
From Now On...

Criss Cross Records, 1995

Personnel: Scott Wendholt (tpt), Tim Ries (tenor & soprano saxophones), Steve Armour (trombone), Steve Wilson (alto saxophone), Bruce Barth (piano), Larry Grenadier (bass), Billy Drummond (drums).

mckee.jpg (15185 bytes)Paul McKee

Hallway Records, 1999 (recorded 1995)

Personnel: Paul McKee (leader, trombone); Tim Ries (soprano & tenor saxophones, alto flute); Jerry DeMuzio (alto saxophone); Mark Tuttle, Louis Stockwell (saxophone); Ron Stout, Bobby Shew (trumpet, flugelhorn); Carl Fontana (trombone); Ron Perillo, Mike Kocur (piano); Kelly Sill, Larry Kohut (bass); Bob Rummage, Jim Rupp, Joel Spencer (drums); Alejo Poveda (percussion).

ferguson_body.gif (9893 bytes)Maynard Ferguson
Body And Soul

Jazz Alliance, 1995

The MF Band: Maynard Ferguson (trumpet, flugelhorn); Tim Ries (soprano, alto & tenor saxophones, flute); Rick Margitza (soprano & tenor saxophones); Wayne Bergeron, Alan Wise (trumpet, flugelhorn); Alex Iles (trombone); Todd Carlon (keyboards); Micheal Higgins (guitar); Dave Carpenter (bass); Dave Miller (drums); Steve Fisher (percussion). Additional personnel: Denis DiBlasio (flute); Chad Wackerman (drum programming).

belden_treasure_sml.gif (6856 bytes)Bob Belden Ensemble
Treasure Island

Sunnyside Records, 1990

RealAudio samples:
Face on the Barroom Floor
Basin Street Blues

Personnel: Bob Belden (tenor saxophone, arranger), Craig Handy, Ron Kozak, Mike Migliore, Tim Ries, Chuck Wilson, Glenn Wilson (woodwinds), John Fedchock, Tim Hagans, Carl Kleinsteuber, George Moran, Jim Powell, Peter Reit (brass), Marc Cohen (piano, synthesizer), Jay Anderson (acoustic bass), Jeff Hischfield (drums).

Bob Belden
La Cigale (Live In Paris)

Sunnyside 1998

Bob Belden (ts/cond/comp/arr) with Jay Anderson (b), Marc Copland (p), Larry Farrell (tb), Tim Hagans (tp/flh), Craig Handy (ts/ss), Jeff Hirschfield (dr), Carl Kleinsteuber (tuba), Ron Kozak (bcl/afl), Mike Migliore (as/fl/pic), George Moran (btb), Jim Powell (tp/flh), Peter Reit (fhn), Tim Ries (ts/ss), Chuck Wilson (cl/fl), and Glenn Wilson(bsx)

Roseanna Vitro

Concord Jazz, 1993

Personnel: Roseanna Vitro (vocals), George Coleman, Tim Ries (saxophones), Fred Hersch (piano), Jay Anderson (bass), Tom Rainey (drums), Mino Cinelu (percussion).

The Robert Miller Group
Child's Play

Personnel: Robert Miller (electric bass), Jim Campagnola (saxophone), Haim Cotton (piano, keyboards), Tony "Thunder" Smith (drums). Additional personnel: Jon Lucien, Ada Dyer, Lisa Yves (vocals), Tim Ries (saxophone), Randy Brecker (trumpet, flugelhorn), Bill O'Connell, Phil Markowitz (piano), Chris Palmaro (organ), David Wolfert (synthesizer, guitar), Dave Fields, Danny Carillo (guitar), Anton Fig, Al Foster, Kim Plainfield (drums).

Tom Browne

Hip Bop, 1999

Personnel includes: Tom Browne (trumpet, flugelhorn, electric trumpet); Dianne Reeves, Stephanie McKay, Sybil (vocals); KCB (rap vocals); Chieli Minucci (acoustic guitar); John Hart (guitar); Craig Johnson, James Zollar (trumpet); Clark Gayton (trombone); Tim Ries (baritone saxophone); Bob Belden (keyboards, bass); Christian McBride (electric bass); Billy Kilson (drums); Adam Holzman (drum programming); DJ Smash, Marc Pfafflin (drum & bass programming); Hank Bones (background vocals).

Joe Roccisano Orchestra
Leave Your Mind Behind

Landmark Records, 1995

Personnel includes: Joe Roccisano, Lou Marini, Tim Ries