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"Among jazz musicians, the saxophonist Tim Ries is known as a singular talent, a player’s player."
New York Times

"I thought what Tim recorded was amazing. The playing is beautiful, too - Tim always has such a beautiful sound."
Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, Downbeat

"Ries brings a keen intellect to the bandstand..."
Detroit Free Press

"In Tim’s playing there is the strong passion and searching quality which for me must be present in really great, spontaneous jazz."
Dave Liebman

"relaxed mastery of improvisation on advanced harmonic material"
Jazz Times

"A saxophonist on the way to his own voice with touches of Trane and Joe Henderson"

"...The outstanding Tim Ries' expansive and searing tenor projects into disturbing areas of the cultural psyche..."
Jazz Times

"Ries makes a mark with his strong writing that manages to take the soloists in new directions"

"...this series...shows the lyrical and emotional similarity between pianist Amsallem and saxophonist and flutist Ries....Both players are excellent technicians, structured improvisers and have big ears for what is being played by the other..."

"A strongly personal record, almost every tune seems - and feels - associated with some strong emotion"
The Penguin Guide to Jazz (4th Ed.)

"An engaging and imaginative outing that's definitely worthy of a listen"
Jazz Times